Have the support you need to recover and flourish when you work with We Care of Lake County. To discover more on our resources, meet our health care non-profit leadership team in Lake County, FL.

Board Members

Sheyla Zelaya, M.D.: President: Nephrologist
Wendy Lavezzi, M.D.: Past President: District 5 & 24 Medical Examiner's Office
Linda J. Bennett: Treasurer: Ameriprise Financial
Heather Wood: Florida Hospital Waterman
Sheri Olson: South Lake Hospital
Aaron Kissler: Florida Department of Health in Lake County
Jackie Beim: Coca Cola
Keegan Neverett: Blue Plant Farms
Captain David Pelton: Lake County Sheriff's Office
Carol Millwater Ryan: Lake Sumter Medical Society
Irene O'Malley: Lake Cares Food Pantry
Allison Thall: Lake County Government, Advisor
Christopher Adams: LifeStream Behavioral Center

Group of Diversity People Volunteer Community Service

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